A Great Place To Work

Do you ever wonder what it would be like to work at the businesses you frequent?

I do.

I love the café I go to for chili or a burger late at night, but would I like to work there? The dry cleaners did a great job on my sports coat, but that lady seems like she would be a bully to work for. I know a large hospital that has a great reputation for taking care of its patients, but the employees hate it!

The great thing about Ameritech is that not only do we give our customers a lot of TLC, but we also take pretty good care of our employees. At least that’s what our workers say:

“We make time for fun.” Allison said. Phi said, “I like the casual environment.” According to one of our newer employees, Amy, “I like learning new things every day. It keeps it interesting and exciting.”

Buket summed it up: “Fun, fast-paced, and great pay!”

Allison’s the company recruiter, so she said that if you want to work at a fun place, give her a call at 703-538-5800.