A New Gate for The Kings’ Castle

A New Gate for The Kings’ Castle


With winter quickly approaching, the King family began to wonder if their doors would hold up for another season. Last year had been chillingly cold, with gusts of frigid air blowing through the door frame and window seals at all hours of the day and night. Since that winter, the seals had only gotten more worn down, the frame even more shaky. The hinges on the doors and windows had almost completely rusted through, and the noise was nearly unbearable. The Kings were at their wits end when their neighbors suggested Ameritech. When the Kings checked out our website, including our extensive gallery and five-star reviews, they could see why we come so highly recommended! We have been helping homeowners all over Virginia and beyond for years, assisting them with all of their home improvement needs. Our world-class designers will help you to draw up and execute a customized, one-of-a-kind design plan that accommodates your unique circumstances. Best of all, we work quickly and efficiently, coming in and completing your project lickety-split!


Every member of our team is hired locally and trained thoroughly, so you can have confidence when you choose Ameritech for your home improvement project. From doors to replacement windows in Arlington and beyond, our team delivers a next-level experience that you will rave about! Give us a call today and schedule your risk-free, no-cost consultation!

The King family loves their new entry doors! With state-of-the-art safety features, a reinforced frame, and enhanced weather protection, these doors will stand the test of time without losing their beauty and curb appeal. In addition, our doors require little to no maintenance, so the King family can kick their feet up and enjoy their home in style!


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