Ridge Vent

ridge_ventCobra® Snow Country™ Advanced

Exhaust Vent for Roof Ridge

Effective attic ventilation is critical for a long-lasting roof!

A properly balanced attic ventilation system will help to:

  • Remove excess heat and moisture to protect your roof from premature deterioration
  • Prevent roof rot in your attic or roof deck
  • Minimize peeling and extend the life of exterior and interior paint
  • Limit the growth of harmful mold
  • Safeguard your attic possessions against mildew damage
  • Guard against ice damming in harsh winter climates
  • Promote energy efficiency by reducing excessive heat in your attic


Cobra® Snow Country Advanced™ exhaust vent is a key part of the GAF Smart Lifetime Roofing System, and has even earned the prestigious Good Housekeeping Seal.

Homeowner’s Best Choice

Vents Your Attic…

Allows heat and condensation to escape at the most effective location — the ridge

Looks Terrific…

Shingle-over design blends into your ridge line


Passes the 110 mph wind-driven rain test

Snow Guard™ Filter…

Helps prevent snow infiltration in harsh winter weather

Insect Guard…

Specially designed louver spacing helps keep insects out

Energy Efficient…

Promotes energy efficiency by reducing excessive heat in your attic


Designed with high-impact polymers

Peace Of Mind…

Up to a Lifetime ltd. warranty when installed on Lifetime Shingle roofs.