Exceptional Performance

exceptional_performance_imgThanks to rising utility costs and greater environmental awareness, the number one unmet housing concern among homeowners is energy efficiency. (According to a 2014 national survey of more than 100,000 households from the Demand Institute, a division of the Conference Board that aims to show evolving consumer demand, 71% of households said that energy efficiency was important to them but only 35% felt their homes were energy efficient.)We provide solutions to your window and door problems that will help increase energy efficiency and reduce energy costs.

Our clients want beauty and functionality along with quality and energy efficiency. Energy Star and NFRC ratings are important factors to consider when making a decision that affects energy costs for clients. The U-Value on our Bristol windows is approximately 30% lower than Energy Star’s lowest U-Value requirement.

Bristol windows use a combination of two materials to build energy efficient frames with the virtually maintenance-free qualities of vinyl and the strength provided by high-density reinforcement. This combination of materials helps to achieve an energy efficient frame while providing exceptional strength and structural integrity. Reinforcement in the sill, header, jambs and sashes reduces the possibility of bowing or warping.

The windows come standard with three sections of double-strength glass, Alpha-10 inert gases, and four layers of Solar Ban60 Soft–Coat Low-E coatings. All three layers of glass are sealed with a BR-50 “warm-edge” spacer system. The design of the frame, glass package and insulation are designed to save you time, energy and money.