Structural Integrity

structural_integrityOur window frames are vinyl and reinforced withHigh Density Reinforcement (HDR).  HDR is a composite material that has structural advantages, similar to aluminum, without the sacrifice of thermal performance that occurs with the highly conductive metal.  The thermal performance numbers are identical to wood while having a superior density number for enhanced strength.  The result is the perfect combination of strength and screw retention in a thermally superior product.  HDR will prevent your windows from bowing or warping especially during the hot summer months.

The double hung and slider achieve a DP-50 and beyond in the Structural Performance Test.  Most all vinyl windows could not reach beyond a DP-35, (the higher the better) so HDR in conjunction with our improved window design greatly improves the structural performance.

HDR meets and exceeds AAMA 303 profile requirements.  AAMA 303 is the standard that establishes the minimum requirement for dimensional stability, screw withdrawal, thermal cycling, weather ability, heat resistance and buildup and lead content for rigid composites used in windows.

  • DP Rating = 50
  • Air Infiltration = .08 [.30 is Passing]
  • Water Resistance = 7.52 [Highest Ever]