Virtually Seamless Panels

TriWall’s performance excellence begins with its proprietary compounds with each ingredient adding specific benefits to the siding panel. The durable .046″ nominal siding thickness, exclusive locking design, fully rolled over nail hem and 3/4″ butt height projection ensure excellent rigidity and impact resistance. The premium vinyl panel is designed for easy upkeep; it won’t chip, flake or peel and renders the solid look and feel of real wood.  Here are some of the benefits of twenty-five foot panels.

  • These panels are two times as long as standard vinyl siding.
  • Fewer overlaps and unsightly seams.
  • Straight, smooth course lines for uninterrupted beauty.
  • Even walls, top-to-bottom beauty.
  • Ideal for new construction and remodeling projects.
  • Extended length enables a faster, easier installation.

You can also depend on superior resistance to the shearing power of violent winds.  The TriBeam rolled-over nail hem held the panels solidly in place in windows reaching Category 5 hurricane intensity.  It’s great peace of mind knowing that reliability is there.