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Energy Efficient Windows Arlington

energy_effeciencyEnergy efficient windows provide one of the best ways to reduce energy consumption and save money. Our windows are extremely energy efficient, helping to keep the outdoor temperatures outside your home so you can enjoy lower bills with a comfortable environment.If you buy smart and buy a quality window, research shows the energy efficient technologies of the window and the glass pack will result in reduced energy consumption.

Efficient Frame + Efficient Glass Pack = Energy Efficiency

Efficient Frames

Homeowners purchasing new windows should consider the thermal performance of the window frame. Inefficient window frames lose significant amounts of heat and are a prime cause of condensation on the glazing. The design of a window frame and the materials used in its construction determine its performance. Window frames come in many architectural styles and are constructed from a wide variety of materials.Air Leakage (AL) measures the rate at which air passes through joints in the window. AL is measured in cubic feet of air passing through one square foot of window area per minute. The lower the AL value, the less air leakage. Our window frame is ≤ 0.3 cf·m/ft².

Efficient Glass Pack

Approximately 80 percent of the window is glass.  Take a look at our glass and the technology use to obtain maximum efficiency.

With its ability to block 62 percent of total solar energy while allowing 70 percent of visible light to pass through, Solarban 60 glass can help you achieve year-round comfort with heating and cooling cost savings.  Solarban 60 can also significantly reduce the ultraviolet (UV) and other solar radiation, which causes fading of fabrics and furnishings.  Soft-coat glass uses magnetic sputtered vacuum deposition to apply a metallic coating to the glass surface as an additional manufacturing step.  Choosing a soft-coat glass over a hard-coat glass improves thermal performance of the IGU by approximately 13%.  The use of four layers Solar Ban 60 Low-E coatings, inert gas-fills, and warm edge insulating spacers can significantly reduce winter heat loss and summer heat gain.  This is achieved by lowering the U-Factor value of the window. U-Factor measures the rate of heat transfer and tells you how well the window insulates. U-factor values generally range from 0.25 to 1.25 and are measured in Btu/h·ft²·°F.  The lower the U-factor value, the better the window insulates.

Here are some other important points to consider about out insulating glass packs:

Visible Transmittance: Compared to older tints and films, with the use of new low-E coating, solar heat gain can significantly be reduced with a minimal loss of visible light.  Visible Transmittance (VT) measures the amount of light the window lets through. VT is measured on a scale of 0 to 1; values generally range from 0.20 to 0.80. The higher the VT, the more light you see.

Solar Heat Gain: In the summer and winter, occupant comfort is increased. Window temperatures are more moderate, and drafts are virtually eliminated. Discomfort from strong summer sunlight is reduced.  Lower Mechanical Equipment Costs: Using windows that significantly reduce solar heat gain means that cooling equipment costs may be reduced.  Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) measures the fraction of solar energy transmitted and tells you how well the product blocks heat caused by sunlight. SHGC is measured on a scale of 0 to 1; values typically range from 0.25 to 0.80. The lower the SHGC, the less solar heat the window transmits.

Reduced Condensation: Frame and glazing materials that resist heat conduction do not become cold, resulting in less condensation.  Condensation Resistance measures how well the window resists water build-up. Condensation Resistance is scored on a scale from 0 to 100. The higher the condensation resistance factor, the less build-up the window allows.

  • U-Value = .21 Lower is Better (Measures the heat from inside a room that can escape.)
  • SHGC = .22 Lower is Better  (Measures the amount of outdoor heat that enters a room.)
  • VT = 0.42 Lower is Better  (Measures how much natural light can come into a room.)
  • CRF = 67 Higher is Better  (Measures how much air will enter a room through the product.)

Our standard glass packs are made with three layers of double strength glass, 2 BR-50 warm-edge technology spacers, injected with ALPHA-10, a high performance odorless, colorless gas, and four layers of Solarban 60.

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Our windows use a combination of two materials to build energy-efficient frames with the virtually maintenance-free qualities of vinyl and the strength provided by high-density reinforcement.

Style & Beauty

The design of the frame, glass package and insulation are designed to save you time, energy and money as well as to give your home an upscale curb appeal!

Energy Efficiency

Ameritech's Window's U-Value is approximately 30% lower than Energy Star’s lowest U-Value requirement. Meaning it will save you energy & money!

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