Superior Installation

superior_installationOnce our clients have made the decision to have their windows replaced, they are anxious to have us complete the installation.  This is because you will start to save money on your energy consumption once the window installation has been completed.  Your new windows will be installed by factory-trained technicians.  Factory trained technicians are required by the factory in order to give you the same quality installation regardless of which crew installs your new windows.  Improper installation will make the highest quality windows perform poorly.

Your new windows will be measured precisely to the nearest ¼ inch to insure an exact fit.  One of our certified technicians will visit your home to make sure the measurements are accurate before the manufacturing process begins.  This will reduce the possibility of allowing air infiltration, water or bugs from entering your home through the window opening.  The technician will also make sure to note any special supplies, which may be needed in order to complete the installation in the specified timeframe.

When the installation process begins, each window site is prepped before the removal of your old windows.  Prepping the site is necessary to prevent damage to property inside of the home, and to minimize the debris as a result of the installation.  Special protection and cleanup is required by the E.P.A. for homes built before 1978 which contain lead paint.  To help ensure a weather-tight fit, each opening is insulated with special-order fiberglass insulation between the window and the wall before the replacement window is installed.  Once the replacement window has been installed, the steel precision alignment clips are adjusted to ensure a proper fit.  The opening is then caulked around the exterior perimeter with premium sealant.  The exterior window trim is capped with PVC coil to finish off the exterior installation.

Once the installation is complete, your installation team will check the operation of each window and door, clean the window and doors, and leave your new windows and doors in pristine condition.  The work area will be left in the same condition or better than before they arrived.  All job related debris will be removed from the property, and the entire worksite will be vacuumed.  Your technician will explain the operation of the windows.  Lastly, you will be given a survey to rate your experience with your production manager, your installation team and your project manager.