A New Side of the Haizlip-Carry Home

A New Side of the Haizlip-Carry Home


Siding is the unsung hero of home exteriors, taking the brunt of the weather damage when a hurricane or blizzard rolls through. Accordingly, it’s important not to let your siding go for too long without replacing it, which is the situation the Haizlip-Carry family found themselves in. After decades of wear, their siding was discolored and worn, severely diminishing the curb appeal and comfort of the home. Luckily, Mr. Haizlip-Carry had heard of the amazing staff and services at Ameritech Construction, so he gave our local office a call. With no time to waste, we deployed a highly-trained inspector to assess the home and give a comprehensive, no-obligation estimate to the Haizlip-Carry family.


We believe that every home is as unique as the family living there, so we do not use a one-size-fits-all approach. Our staff are exhaustively vetted and given the latest in tools and training to ensure they give you the premier home improvement experience you deserve! Let us show you the Ameritech Difference with a risk-free appointment with one of our locally hired specialists.

In no time at all, the family home had a gorgeous new look, increased curb appeal and happy owners. We were able to install reinforced, all-weather Arlington, VA siding in just one day! What’s more, we were able to stay within the Haizlip-Carry family’s budget and ensure they were ready for any season. If you are looking to upgrade your home’s siding, or just want to take advantage of our risk-free estimates, give Ameritech a call today. We didn’t become DC’s number one home improvement company by accident!  In fact, we make sure our customers are satisfied with every aspect of our work before we leave.


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