Ameritech Construction Revitalizes Beautiful Retirement Cottage

Ameritech Construction Revitalizes Beautiful Retirement Cottage


Mrs. Ireland had always dreamt of retiring in her Lusby, MD home, a beautiful one bedroom that had served her family well, particularly since the kids had moved out. Maintenance had become difficult, and the windows were showing signs of wear and tear. Water can easily get through faulty windows, and the Irelands could see signs of condensation on the panes.  It was clear that the windows had failed, and needed to be replaced. The Irelands reached out to Ameritech Construction! 

THE AMERITECH DIFFERENCE: We have a large staff of locally-hired contractors that specialize in door and replacement window installation in the Maryland area. In as little as one day, we can implement your personalized design plan and help you realize your vision.

The pros at Ameritech acted quickly, scheduling a no-cost consultation and helping the Irelands choose brand new composite frame windows, complete with reinforced seals and triple pane glass. It was easy to see the difference these miraculous new windows made, insulating their homes from extreme temperatures.  With these gorgeous units installed, their home is warm and pleasant year round. In addition, their heating and cooling systems got a much-needed break, lowering utility costs and making the Irelands very happy customers!

THE AMERITECH DIFFERENCE: Ameritech delivers a next-level experience that delivers hassle-free, high-quality windows right to your door. Our world-class technicians will ensure your project goes smoothly, guaranteed! Homeowners all over the area love the user-friendly consultations and stress-free process. Mr. and Mrs. Ireland are enjoying an energy-efficient, modern home that is more quiet and comfortable than ever before! Get in touch with the neighborhood home improvement team at Ameritech and we will help you get the right windows for your budget and décor.


SAVE 20% + Always Triple Pane Windows + 12mos* No Interest w/ Minimum Monthly Payments