New Siding in Mt Vernon, VA for the Cockayme family

New Siding in Mt Vernon, VA for the Cockayme family


The Cockayme family was looking to replace the old, worn out siding on their home. Mr. Cockayme had old original siding which was faded and not energy efficient. All the existing siding was removed, the walls were insulated properly with fullback neopor form-fitted insuation, a vapor barrier was applied with the new siding and finally the accessories were installed. All the exterior wood trim work was capped to reduce the maintenance required on the home.

Mt Vernon, VA New Siding

They contacted Ameritech Construction, a siding company in Mt Vernon, VA, for a free estimate. Ameritech Construction provided the Cockayme family with a detailed estimate and explained the different types of siding they offer. The Cockayme family decided to go with Ameritech Construction’s most popular siding, vinyl siding.

Ameritech Construction was able to schedule the Cockayme family for installation within a few weeks. The crew arrived on time and began to work. They were very careful not to damage the landscaping and worked diligently to complete the job on time. The Cockayme family was very pleased with the results and would definitely recommend Ameritech Construction to their friends and family.




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