Tebeau Family’s New Entry Door in Newington VA

Tebeau Family’s New Entry Door in Newington VA

A home’s entry door is more than just a functional necessity; it’s a statement piece that can dramatically influence the curb appeal. At Ameritech Construction, we recognize the importance of an entry door that reflects both aesthetics and quality. The Tebeau family in Newington, VA, provided us with the opportunity to showcase how a carefully chosen entry door can transform a home’s facade. This case study details our process and the exceptional results that were achieved.

Project Background

The Tebeau family was looking to upgrade their home’s entry door in Newington as part of a broader renovation. Their existing door was worn and did not reflect the elegance and character they wanted for their home. They sought a door that would not only be secure and robust but would also enhance the visual appeal of their house.

Initial Assessment

Upon our first visit, it became clear that the existing door was inconsistent with the architectural style of the home. It lacked uniqueness and failed to make a statement. Our challenge was to design and install an entry door that would:

  1. Complement the Home’s Architecture: The door needed to fit seamlessly with the existing style of the house.
  2. Enhance Curb Appeal: The door should make a strong visual impact, enhancing the home’s exterior appearance.
  3. Provide Security and Durability: The door must function as a secure barrier without compromising aesthetics.

Design and Selection

Working closely with the Tebeau family, we explored various designs and materials that would align with their vision and the home’s architectural integrity. They opted for a beautifully crafted wood door with intricate glass paneling, allowing natural light to filter into the entryway while maintaining privacy.

This choice was not only aesthetically pleasing but also offered the required durability and security. The detailed craftsmanship, combined with a color that harmonized with the home’s exterior, promised a stunning transformation.

Installation and Result

Our installation team ensured that the new door was perfectly fitted, paying close attention to every detail. The difference was apparent immediately. The new door added a touch of sophistication and grandeur, acting as a focal point that drew the eye.

The Tebeaus were thrilled with the result. Mr. Tebeau stated, “Our new entry door is more than we could have imagined. It’s not just a door; it’s an artwork that adds character to our home. Our neighbors have been complimenting it too!”

Impact on Curb Appeal

The new entry door had a significant impact on the curb appeal of the Tebeau’s home:

  1. Visual Harmony: By carefully matching the design and color with the existing architecture, the door became an integral part of the home’s facade.
  2. Elegant Statement: The intricate detailing and quality materials made the door stand out, creating an inviting and memorable entrance.
  3. Increased Value: By upgrading the entryway, the perceived value of the home was elevated, making it an investment that goes beyond aesthetics.


The Tebeau family’s new entry door in Newington, VA, is a prime example of how Ameritech Construction considers every aspect of a project to ensure that it serves both functional and aesthetic purposes. By understanding our clients’ needs and applying our expertise, we were able to enhance the curb appeal of their home, turning an ordinary entryway into a remarkable feature. This project reflects our commitment to quality, design, and client satisfaction, reinforcing why we are a trusted name in home improvements.



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