5 Signs You Need New Windows in Arlington, VA

5 Signs You Need New Windows in Arlington, VA

When was the last time you took a look at the state of your Arlington, VA windows? If you have aluminum or wood-framed windows in your home, you may not even be aware of the issues they cause. Arlington, VA homes with original windows that are over 20 years old are typically due for an upgrade, but there are some simple ways to check. When it’s time to replace your windows, how will you know, you can always trust the Arlington, VA replacement windows pros at Ameritch Construction?

Well-designed Arlington, VA windows improve your home’s curb appeal, increase the amount of natural light in your home, and improve energy efficiency, among other things. If your windows are old and damaged, they will not only be a security risk, but they will also affect the overall comfort of your Arlington, VA home. It’s critical to determine whether your windows need to be replaced, and there are numerous signs throughout your home that indicate when it’s time to begin your window renovation project.

Here are the top five signs that your Arlington, VA windows need to be replaced.

Energy Costs are Exorbitant for Arlington, VA

Stand near your windows on a cold day. Is it cooler in there than the rest of your house? Make contact with your windows. If the glass feels cold to the touch, it’s because the warm air from your furnace is being cooled as it approaches your windows. This is not only inconvenient, but it’s also a waste!

Take a candle or an incense stick and light it. Slowly slide it around each corner of the window while holding it by the window frames. Drafts are passing through your windows if the candle flickers or the smoke moves. When you try this in the dark with a flashlight on really bad windows, you’ll see visible light coming through the frame in spots. Consider how much warmer and more comfortable your Arlington, VA home would be if all of those tiny gaps were filled.

Your heating and cooling bills will undoubtedly increase as the temperature drops in the winter and rises in the summer. If your windows are old, a lot of the heat produced by your furnace and the cooling produced by your air conditioner is likely to be wasted. While older windows are often single-paned and susceptible to leaks, newer windows are more energy efficient and designed to keep air from leaking into and out of your Arlington, VA home.

To save money on heating expenses, consider replacing leaky windows with windows that include argon gas and low-emissivity (LoE) glass. LoE glass can keep heat in during the winter and out during the summer, saving you money on heating and cooling and making your Arlington, VA home more comfortable all year.

Operation of Arlington, VA Windows

Check for smooth operation by walking around your house and opening and closing each window. It’s time to replace them if they need a little of power and pressure to open, or if they’re painted or swollen shut. This is especially true of wood windows. It should not be a bother or a source of exercise to open and close your windows; they should do so effortlessly.

Frames that are deteriorating and windows that are leaking

Decaying window frames are one of the most obvious signs that you need to replace your windows. When wooden window frames are exposed to moisture, they can start to deteriorate. Moisture damage that has built up over time can lead to more serious decay down the road, posing a serious safety risk. If you notice signs of decay on your window frames, it’s a sign that your windows are in desperate need of replacement.

You might also notice that your windows are leaking, or that you have leaky windows. Your windows may be leaking so badly that they are leaving a pool of water on your floor in some cases. Yikes!

You might believe there isn’t enough water leakage to warrant the renovation, or that the leaking will stop in the summer. When deciding whether or not to replace your windows, keep in mind that moisture, regardless of how little of it there is, promotes mold growth. The longer you wait to replace your windows, the more likely it is that the leaking window will become a major issue.

Poor installation or a failed sealed unit are two of the most common reasons for your windows leaking. “Can’t they just be repaired?” you might wonder.

You could fix your windows, but you wouldn’t be resolving the issue. Consider it this way: your leaking window is an issue, but it isn’t the issue. The accumulation of moisture on your windows is a sign of something more serious. Replacement is the only way to truly fix leaking windows and ensure that they will not fail again.


Take a few moments to stand quietly near the window and wait for a car to pass. Is it audible from the other side of the street? Sound vibrations from the street will pass through single-pane or even double-pane windows into your Arlington, VA home. All of the noise will soon add up, and you’ll be able to say goodbye to the peace and quiet. These sound waves will be absorbed by the best energy efficient windows before they enter your home.


Do you notice fog or condensation on your windows on a regular basis? Because not all condensation is bad, you’ll need to figure out which type you’re dealing with. It may or may not be a cause for concern, depending on where it appears on the window. If you notice condensation between the two panes of glass, it’s a sign that the seals on your windows have failed, and it’s time to replace them before your windows become too leaky. Learn more about the different types of condensation and how to deal with them.

In fact, your windows, doors, heating or cooling system, insulation, ventilation, and siding all work together to make your house work as a system. In order to get the best return on your investment, all factors in your Arlington, VA home must work together to keep it running at peak efficiency.

Windows are an investment that will increase the value of your Arlington, VA home and significantly improve its curb appeal. They will also improve the amount of natural light, soundproofing, and energy efficiency in your home. Window renovations are a great project that will pay off in the long run, whether you are simply trying to improve the appearance of your home or save money on your energy bills.



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