Giroux Window Project Washington, DC

Giroux Window Project Washington, DC

Ameritech Construction, a premier replacement window company based in Washington DC, recently had the pleasure of working on the Giroux Window Project. Our team, known for its expertise and dedication to enhancing home living, was tasked with addressing the challenges faced by Mr. Giroux in his charming 1938 home.

Upon moving into this historical residence two years ago, Mr. Giroux began to notice several issues common in older homes: drafts, condensation, moisture build-up, seal failure, and broken window hardware. These problems not only affected the comfort of his living space but also led to increased energy consumption, which is both costly and environmentally unfriendly.

Understanding the unique needs of older properties, Ameritech Construction stepped in to offer a durable, long-term solution. Our approach was comprehensive, focusing on both functionality and aesthetic appeal. We proposed the installation of composite triple-pane windows throughout Mr. Giroux’s home. These windows are known for their superior insulation properties, which would address the drafts and condensation issues effectively.

The triple-pane glass offers an additional layer of insulation compared to traditional double-pane windows, significantly reducing heat transfer. This feature was particularly important for Mr. Giroux’s home, as it would not only eliminate the uncomfortable drafts but also decrease the energy consumption, leading to savings on heating and cooling bills.

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Moreover, to ensure that Mr. Giroux would enjoy the benefits of our work for years to come without the hassle of maintenance, we provided capping for all the exterior window trim. This capping service, which involves covering the trim with a durable, weather-resistant material, would minimize the need for painting and repairs in the future.

The installation process was meticulous, with our skilled technicians taking care to preserve the character of the home while upgrading its functionality. We worked closely with Mr. Giroux to ensure that the new windows matched the architectural style of his home, thus maintaining its historical integrity.

Upon completion of the project, the results were immediately evident. The drafts that once made winter nights less comfortable were now a thing of the past. The windows, with their improved sealing, kept the warm air in and the cold air out, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere throughout the house. The reduction in condensation and moisture also helped to protect the home’s structure and Mr. Giroux’s health, as it reduced the risk of mold growth.

Mr. Giroux reported a noticeable difference in the energy consumption of his home. With the enhanced insulation provided by the new windows, his heating system no longer had to work overtime to compensate for the cold air seeping in, leading to lower energy bills and a reduced carbon footprint.

At Ameritech Construction, we are proud to offer free estimates to our clients, ensuring that they can make informed decisions about their home improvement projects. Our commitment to customer satisfaction and quality workmanship is reflected in the success of the Giroux Window Project and the comfort that Mr. Giroux now enjoys in his historic Washington, DC home. For those interested in similar upgrades, we are just a call away at 703.538.5800. Our team is ready to enhance your home with the same level of care and expertise that we provided to Mr. Giroux.



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